We are approaching the end of twelve happy years with Michelle and her terrific staff at Rathgar Montessori – my sister’s three older children and three children of our own. During these years, Rathgar Montessori has never let us down in the care, attention, nurture and education of our children. They have never refused to go to school in the morning and receive a great welcome first thing. There is so much to do, such as, Ballet, Hip Hop, Stretch n Grow, French and Rugby. They are stimulated, educated, minded, and protected. Our children never had an accident at school. Michelle maintains the school structurally to a high standard and her facilities are safe and hygienic. Michelle is well known for buying toys and buying more toys, while regularly renewing the Montessori materials, ensuring constant stimulation! The children leave full of chat and stories at the end of the day. Every month the children bring their work home to show family, consisting of beautiful, colourful, detailed arts and crafts. The teachers are very approachable. Any parent problem shared is soon solved. Some teachers have been there since we started with Rathgar Montessori, which is testament to Michelle as employer. If your child shows a developmental concern, you are notified and the appropriate advice given. Michelle and her teachers have a keen eye for developmental milestones.

The uniform is a great addition to the school. Our children always knew it was a school day if the uniform was ready the night before. Our older children love calling to collect our youngest in the afternoons and chatting to the teachers. They have memories – playing in the park, trip to the café, teddy bears picnic, Easter hunt, movie time, Halloween and Santa’s visit. We chose well in choosing Rathgar Montessori and we congratulate Michelle on her successful thirty years in business. Rathgar Montessori has been part of our house for nine years. Our children have had the best experience and will take their little memories with them from their happy time spent there.

Niamh & Rodney.

Ireland is Charles-Antoine’s second country to live in, so when we were looking for a preschool, it didn’t take long to realise that he would be happy coming here. If you’re living abroad, it is important that your child feels welcome and gets the support he (and us parents, too) needs when settling in a new destination.

That said, RMK exceeded all of our expectations. A year on, our son is flourishing in an exceptionally nurturing, creative, educational and fun environment. But, most importantly, this is all happening under the loving care of passionate and engaging teachers, who are committed and involved in the social and emotional well being of the children, safeguarding and protecting them on a daily basis. He LOVES Michelle, his beloved Helena, Adelle (or “Madelle”), Orla, Gillian (with her magical powers in persuading C-A to eat his fruit) and Anna!

Our son has become a confident little boy, always curious and incredibly independent, smiling and quite social lately! His vocabulary has skyrocketed and his Irish accent is now legendary in our French & Greek families!

You know your child is safe and happy when he runs to the school door, fights you off to ring the door bell first and doesn’t look back when he goes in. For that and more, thank you for creating and giving our son an excellent start in school life and leaving an invaluable imprint in his heart.

Maria & Matthieu

The staff at Rathgar Montessori have provided a happy, safe and caring environment for my two sons over the last two years and I could not recommend them highly enough. I have always had peace of mind leaving them in their care. The boys have been encouraged in their development in every sense. My only concern at present is that my elder son will be very sad to leave in September!


Senan loves the creche. He is very excited to arrive and runs in with a big smile on his face when he sees the girls, who are always there with a happy smiling face to welcome him and to wave goodbye to him at the end of his day. He’s so happy there and we are too. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and fun. The creche is personal and friendly – everyone knows everyone, and we are always made to feel welcome. He especially loves Gillian and Anna his teachers. He loves the arts and crafts and is always coming home with bright colourful masterpieces.

Niamh and Rob

The anxiety of returning to work after 14 months off was very short lived when I realised that our precious baby was not just going to a nursery but to an environment where every child is part of a very special community filled with hours of fun through learning. He has made lovely friends and you just know when you meet parents on the daily pick up and drop off that everyone feels the same way as We do that this environment is the best for our children . Our sons development has prospered like we could never have imagined under the care of Michelle’s team. Gillian, Adele, Anna, Helena and Orla are all just so wonderful at their jobs and have what I imagine is boundless love and patience. I really can’t thank them all enough for the wonderful memories that they are creating for Our little boy but for us too. There is a magical memory created every time you get home a note in the evening in his daily diary of activities or a folder full of all his art work or sometimes even baking treats. The variety of activities on offer here are unparelled to anywhere I have ever seen in any other childcare facility and having such a beautiful building, garden and Kenilworth square to play in when the weather permits is just a fabulous edition which is priceless.

Thank you Michelle and team for providing a home from home for our lovely Rian, we really appreciate it. For other parents reading this please take it from me you will not be sorry that you made the decision to leave your children in the hands of Michelle and her professional but loving team.


We are delighted with our three year old son’s experience in Michelle’s school.  The care is really  outstanding – the teachers are always very professional and at the same attuned to his particular needs and personality.

He runs in in the morning delighted to go to school- this from a boy who was not at all keen on the idea of being looked after outside the home before he came to the school!  He also enjoys all the extra curricular activities.  Overall, a great environment for kids to thrive in.

Caitriona and Andrew

On January the 6th our daughter began her journey and fun with Michelle and the gang.We started a bit early and were accommodated so well, we knew we had made the right choice and time it would tell.Over the last few months the care and attention,shown to our daughter is definitely worth a mention.Greeted with a big smile and a happy “Hello”,every morning is a delight like the opening of a show.The girls are so pleasant, kind and funny,Rathgar Montessori is certainly worth the money!

A special mention is needed for Gillian and Anna,they have their work cut out for them but its nothing they can’t manage.So our daughter is flourishing, it’s really wonderful to see,THANK YOU so much Michelle, girls, Rathgar Montessori!


When we first considered sending Harry to part-time child care, we looked at several crèches. Perhaps because he was our first and, at that time, only child, we were very worried about everything and each potential facility we visited only added to our concerns. That was until we went to Rathgar Montessori and met Michelle and her amazing team.

What struck us immediately was how happy all the children were. The personal, caring touch of Michelle, Orla and all the staff was evident everywhere. It was so different from the larger corporate style places we had looked at. Harry went outside to play and without saying anything, we both knew we had found the perfect place.

The next big concern was Harry’s first day but we need not have worried. He loved “going to school” and his new teacher, Adelle, was immediately an important person in his world.

Harry’s confidence and vocabulary have grown immeasurably since those first days. We had worried that Harry would miss out by not being at home full-time but we could not have imagined the range and variety of new skills that he would learn. His manual dexterity, problem solving and repertoire of songs improved so quickly. We will never forget the first time he spoke some Irish words at home. He loves Rathgar Montessori so much that he is disappointed not to be going at the weekend!

Since then, Harry’s little brother has arrived and we have really appreciated the support from the exceptional team at Rathgar Montessori. We were also delighted to recommend the school for Harry’s first cousin and would do so for anyone looking for a special place to send their child.

 Simon and Sarah